We made first ever sausage with tuna! Made in Croatia!

Croatia is richer for another gastronomic innovation. The first Rijeka charter company KIGO CHARTER has been hosting the most demanding guests on its vessels for years, and along with the many Croatian specialties they prepared for their guests, they wanted to offer something that KIGO CHARTER guests have never tried before. After several days of thinking, Leo Pavela and Filip Gardoš came up with an idea!!! They made the first Croatian and the world's first sausage with tuna in which they connect the sea and the continent. Namely, the sausage with tuna has continental additions through barley and a little pork bacon. The sausage mixture must be seasoned with salt, pepper, white wine, and processed garlic, but the first tuna sausages in the world also have two other spices that act as preservatives, namely turmeric and ginger.

How to make this delicious delicacy, which has been tried by many eminent Croatian chefs, some of whom are also lecturers in gastronomy at faculties, can be seen in the video. Everyone was delighted with the taste and smell of the world's first tuna sausage MADE IN CROATIA!